Class Levels

1 Introduction JLPT N5.

Contents of learning are equalavent to JLPT N5 standards. JLPT (Japanese-Language Profiency Test)

2 Beginner 1
3 Beginner 2
4 Intermediate 1
5 Intermediate 2 JLPT N4

Contents of learning are equalavent to JLPT N4 standards.

6 Intermediate 3
7 Advance 1
8 Advance 2
9 Advance 3 JLPT N3 equalavent
10 Advance 4 JLPT N2 - N1 equalavent, BJT (Business Japanese Test)

For detailed information of the syllabus, please click here: SYLLABUS


  1. Japanese Language is among the TOP-10 hardest language to learn in the world. In addition to the fact that each individual learning speed and process differs, duration/completion of each level is subjective. JCTIC however generally endures to complete teaching 1 level within 30-40 hours.
  2. 'Introduction Level' to 'Advance 2 Level' basically covers Minna No Nihonggo Shokyuu, which is equalavent to JLPT N4-N5. This is similar to Primary School level of the Japanese level.
  3. Advance 3 and Advance 4 are usually used to categorized N3 to N1 levels, this involves books that are usually recommended by the teachers, in some cases the student would approach teachers to ask if they could learn from a certain book. MINNA NO NIHONGO CHUUKYUU (secondary) would usually fall under Advance 3 and Advance 4. There are no fixed textbooks for Advance 3 and Advance 4 classes.
  4. To achieve minimal level where you can do simple communication, the NATIVE JAPANESE TEACHERS highly recommends learning from Lesson 1 to 19 (Introduction, Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1).
  5. If you have learnt elsewhere/self-learnt and wish to skip certain levels, please refer to the SYLLABUS page for further information. A short evaluation by the Native Japanese Teacher may be needed to trully ascertain your level. Appointment needed.
    • If a class is available AND the time is suitable, you may join in.
    • If no class is available OR the time is not suitable, we have to put you on the waitlist.

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