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J apan Cultural & Travel Information Centre (JCTIC) was initiated in year August 2000, as an approach in promoting language, tourism and the culture of Sabah and Japan with the hope that it will be of benefit to both foreign and local people alike. The initial main objective of JCTIC was to provide useful services to both foreign and local people, giving them the opportunity to experience cultural exchange and tourism between Japan and Malaysia. Various language and cultural teaching programmes were setup for it's purposes.

Currently, only our 'Japanese Language Teaching Faculty' remained. Japanese travellers looking for travel information in Sabah are still welcome to look for us as we may have local staffs that might be able to assist providing free information on travelling in Sabah. JCTIC used to operate at a larger scale in the beginning, enabling us to conduct various activities like Ikebana, Tea Ceremony, Go classes, Origami and many more. Today we only offer 'Japanese Language Classes' to those interested as well as preparing students for JLPT exams.

Japanese Language Classes

At JCTIC, we offer lessons that taught students young or old to READ, WRITE & SPEAK Japanese Language. Our syllabus comprises of Grammatical and Sentences structure(s). Students are taught proper and correct pronunciation of each Japanese characters. Here, the tradition usage of conducting has always been done by native Japanese speaker. While our teachers adhere to the basic teaching guidelines, students and teachers here also get to interact through each other through exchange of languages, culture and ideas which basically means, both sides will have fun all along. Equipped with 2 classrooms & native Japanese speaking teachers. We also have a productive teacher:student ratio of 1:9 to ensure greater learning experience. Generally our teachers are enjoying teaching & learning at the same time. Teaching method is more oriented towards grammar-centered teaching style.

JLPT Preparation Class

For those interested in preparing for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), JCTIC provides suitable preparation courses to whoever is attempting the tests. JLPT is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in improving their Japanese language which is useful for students intending to further their studies to Japan. Existing Japanese language students are encourage to aim for JLPT for greater benefits. For working adults, this exam is an added advantage for their career. More information regarding the JLPT can be found at

Other Services

JCTIC also provides the following services upon request. Please note that these services depends on the availability of teachers.

  • Japanese Translation Services
  • Japanese Cultural Learning Classes
  • Travel Assistance (Japan or Sabah) (Limited to availability of staff)