Inquiries & Faqs

Inquiry process:

  1. May inquire via Whatsapp or via Email (see CONTACT US page / 013-8663684).
  2. General Inquiry Format:
    1. Name (first name only)
    2. contact number or email, number of pax
    3. Have you learn before?
      1. if YES, please provide details like books used, school,
        we may have to arrange a short evaluation, a meetup with the Head Teacher may be needed.
      2. if NO, generally will enrol for 1st level (Introduction)
      3. if WISH TO RELEARN, it is possible to restart from any levels by joining existing running classes PROVIDED, that the class is available and the schedule fits you.
    4. Choose one:
      1. 3x a Week, 550pm to 720pm OR 730pm to 900pm
      2. 2x a Week, 550pm to 720pm OR 730pm to 900pm
      3. Sat Class, time (available from 10am to 4pm)
      4. Private 1 to 1
      5. IF ABOVE NOT SUITABLE, kindly let us know your prefer days and time. As well as other informations.

    Example 1:
    Hello, I am A for 2 persons, interested to learn. Never learn before. Any day within weekdays after 7pm is ok for 2 of us. Working on Sat, Sat ok if after 2pm onwards.

    Example 2:
    Hello, I am B, interested to learn. Learnt before using Textbook ABC. Stopped 2 years ago. Can only join on Wed and Fri only. Weekends cannot.

    Example 3:
    Hi, I am B, interested to learn. Never learn before. Weekends only, prefer Sundays if available. Can join in from June onwards

  3. For "Fee & Packages" related inquiries, please visit the "Fees & Packages" page for more information before inquiring.
  4. OUR INQUIRY PROCESSING ARE ONLY ON TUES TO THURSDAY (WORKING DAYS ONLY). We will however try to reply your inquiries as soon as we could. Chances are we will have to put you on a waitlist, if you wish, you can let us know whether we can put you on the waitlist. You are welcome to contact us again.


We run on limited classrooms (2 Classrooms) and teachers, therefore unable to tell exactly when. The only thing we can do is, with your permission, we ll add your name and number/email to the waitlist. We will update you when there is one. You are welcome to query via whatsapp or email from time to time.

It is normal for the number of students in the existing running batch to dwindle down (becoming less) along the way, when this happens, class combination may happen, with this, classroom slots are opened.

If you have learnt elsewhere/self-learnt and wish to skip certain levels, please refer to the SYLLABUS page for further information. A short evaluation by the Native Japanese Teacher may be needed to trully ascertain your level. Appointment needed.

  • If a class is available AND the time is suitable, you may join in.
  • If no class is available OR the time is not suitable, we have to put you on the waitlist.
    1. Availability of classroom
    2. Availability of teachers
    3. Minimum number of students to start, 6 to 10 students.

      Minimum of 3 students (with no one late on payment).

      1. Generally there has been a mix of students age 14 to 60 in one class with no issues
      2. Those age 13 and below will require suitable teachers (teachers that can handle children)

        Yes, 6 minimum pax please. Time, Day, Fees, Methods, Materials, can be discussed, this may become a Customized Package.

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