Courses & Fees : JLPT Preparation Class

This course is for those who have already learn Japanese AND wish to prepare for JLPT. This course normally runs from SEPTEMBER TO NOVEMBER (subject to changes).

JLPT in Sabah is conducted at UMS (University Malaysia Sabah) once a year in December. JLPT is short forJapan Language Proficiency Test. Classes are normally conducted during weekends either during morning, afternoon or evening, subject to availability of classroom and teacher. Learning materials are supplied. Please check our News and Announcement page for 'JLPT Preparation' classes updates.

The courses are divided into different JLPT Exam Levels. It is possible to take more than 1 JLPT Preparation courses at JCTIC but it's purely subject to availability of classroom, teacher, and your own capability.

  1. JLPT Preparation : N5
  2. JLPT Preparation : N4
  3. JLPT Preparation : N3
  4. JLPT Preparation : N2
  5. JLPT Preparation : N1


  • 10 classes total for each Exam Level courses, each class is conducted for 2 hours, for total of 20 hours.
  • Usually conducted on Saturdays or Sundays or both.
  • May subject to availability of professional tutors.
  • Syllabus covers revisions of past year papers and mock up exam papers revision and studies.
  • Books, guidelines and neccesary learning materials are supplied.
  • Course fee: RM300.00 per course (per Exam Level picking of your choice) per person.
  • Course is conducted within 3 months.

Note: It is possible to sit for 2 different Exam Levels at 1 time provided JLPT's timetable allows it. For example if you have decided to take both N5 and N4, if the exam timetable for both exams are on the same time, you may miss either one of the exams. This is however not encouraged.

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